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I jumped into an open mic at a local, neighborhood festival to recite "This One is for Bridget," a poem written for and about my beautiful sister. Enjoy!
"Hampden Wildlife: Reflections on the Nature of a Baltimore City Neighborhood"

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The Hampden neighborhood of Baltimore City, Maryland has old homes and new art, big dogs and little cars, tall trees and narrow alleyways. It’s a quirky, charming, stinky, beautiful mess of a place. This chapbook peers at its paradoxes, specifically with an eye towards the interaction between the modern, urban world and the natural, green world. Interspersed with a series of nine, nine-line vignettes based on real interactions with neighbors, the poems in this collection track one year, from Spring to Spring, as the poet walks through and lives in Hampden.

Annie Powell Stone has lived in Hampden for over a decade and has a walking commute through the neighborhood, allowing for daily observations and musings. For urban life: Hampden is a mostly-residential neighborhood in north, central Baltimore, known today for its restaurants and festivals. For nature: in addition to the poet’s own garden, which has spread beyond her postage stamp of a yard to the communal space along the sidewalk out front, the neighborhood is bordered to the east by the Stony Run Creek, which allows for pastoral dreaming and soft smiles under tall trees.
  • Baltimore, Maryland, United States

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When I am quiet, poems find me. My hope in sharing my writing is that a quiet moment will find you when you read my work. I believe these poems and these moments have the power to change us if we are open to them. Being open to a poem means I am open to the small miracles of everyday life, and my job as a poet is to combine words in a fresh way that illuminates those small miracles so you can see them too.

Annie Powell Stone (she/her) likes sad songs and funny movies. Her poetry has been nominated for The Pushcart Prize and Best of the Net; her work has appeared in numerous literary journals. Annie has a Master's in Education from the University of Pennsylvania, and a Bachelor's in English from the University of Maryland. She lives on the ancestral land of the Piscataway people with her husband and two kiddos in Baltimore City, MD.